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  • January 3, 2020 10:42 am
  • China

Seeking for experienced English teacher, flexible office periods, great vacation benefits, paid winter/summer vacation if you renew contract. We offer tour in China, it helps you to get more mysterious knowledge about China and more benefits.

Int’l school teaching Job Description:

  • Location: Chongqing, China.
  • Contract Term: one academic year, Feb. 2020.
  • Job Position:

English lesson, for primary school students, RMB18,000 monthly, plus RMB2,000 housing allowance, 27 classes per week.

  • Work Days: Mondays to Fridays. Two days off on weekends.
  • Work Hours: 8:00am-11:50am, 1:30pm-5:30pm. 30-40 minutes per class,


Remuneration and Benefits:

  • Meals: free of charge lunch.
  • Vacation: half paid one month winter/summer vacation.
  • Holidays: full paid 11 days Chinese public holidays.
  • Airfare Allowance: RMB10,000 reimbursement upon the contract fulfillment.
  • Insurance: basic and hospitalization medical insurance.
  • Tour in China: once per academic year.
  • Work Visa: offer working permit.
  • Settle down assistance.


  • Native English speaker. ,
  • Bachelor degree or above.
  • 2 yrs teaching experiences.

How to apply

Contact email:

Phone: 158 2749 1525 (wechat)

For the further job matching, please contact us as above, along with your resume and expected teaching subject, thank you.

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