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Join our team and start your ESL journey with us.


Our school has a number of International teachers and is licenced to hire Native English Speaker – we aim to give you the best of what we had teaching in China for 8 years! We have been bringing teachers to China for 6 years.


We will help set you up in a China the right foot, with great support. We will assist you at every level to ensure you have the best possible experience. We will teach you about culture and help you transition to Chinese life easily whilst learning the basics to get around and feel confident. Many of our teachers have been in China for more then 5 years. Some have met their significant other, got married, and even have kids. Others have travelled Asia and saved a hole lot of money. We have contact with every single teacher and most of them still work with us!) GOOD SIGN


Email me for a pdf about the areas we work in. Feel free to contact for information and ask questions about anything that crosses your mind. Moving half way around the world is a big decision it is only natural to have 100’s of questions.


Typical Job Summary


  • <20 hour teaching week, teaching really responsive and mannerly children.
  • Deliver classes with lesson plans provided for a well developed interesting curriculum.
  • Have fun in your classes with freedom to develop your lesson plans with sports,music, videos or anything your interested in.
  • Work with a teaching assistant.
  • Teach in a modern classroom with great facilities and props.
  • Teach to the age group you feel you are most suited too. No messing around teaching students you feel you can’t connect with.
  • Teach classes with the guidance of a head teacher, using training provided with 24/7 support.

Note: We do not shove you in the classroom. Our teachers are our most important assets. We want to make sure you enjoy what you do, in a classroom of your choosing. Our aim is to keep you in your role as long as possible. The only way for us to do that is by working with you and supporting you to make you life in China as enjoyable as possible.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Have fun.
  2. Engage students in whatever way is natural to you
  3. Deliver content.
  4. Try to create a love for English.
  5. Highlight real world use.
  6. Engage in teachers’ meetings.
  7. Help develop school and its students.


YOUR Benefits   

Monthly Salary 16,000RMB + (Depending on ability)


Paid overtime 150 RMB
Student Sign up bonus Applicable schools (50CHY per student)
Teacher sign up bonus Recommend a teacher- successful sign up 2500
Accommodation Free Furnished Accommodation –  In the same building as other teachers
Accommodation assistance With electricity, gas, internet, phone and issues that arise
Holidays Based on placement. Range 25-50 days
Airfare Round trip Airfare returned on successful completion of contract
Health Insurance Full Insurance Provided
Accident Insurance Provided
Medical Assessment Free Yearly full health check (ECG, X-RAY, Ultra Sound, Bloods, eye test etc)
Health Assistance Support, Hospital accompaniment, assistance in buying medication.
Visa renewal fees Payment of all costs, administration, paperwork, office payments, visa fees,
Travel support Assistance with booking the cheapest holidays via Chinese websites
Advice Shopping, food, culture, Chinese etc
Orientation 3 days- Getting around Guiyang, eating and shopping in Guiyang
Training 4 days Pre-training induction. On-going training
Chinese lessons Free Biweekly classes (10 Lessons)


Experience with people or children

Interested in coaching

Email me for a pdf for more about Guiyang and what we do. Feel free to contact for information and ask questions about anything that crosses your mind. Moving half way around the world is a big decision it is only natural to have 100’s of questions.

Call Kimberley on : 00353 852574648

Email: kimberlyazkids@gmail.com

Wechat no. 18786691903


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